An All-Tuscan Story

panorama della collina toscana tizzana

It all began in 1985 with the birth of our workshop in the Tuscan landscape, the land of craftsmen, drawing from it all the love and passion for knitwear on which our project is based.

dettaglio sciarpa in misto cashmere di colore grigio

Over the past 40 years, we have specialised in knitted accessories (hats, scarves, capes, ponchos, gloves and mittens) by selecting the best Tuscan yarns, made from noble and valuable fibres such as cashmere, alpaca, mohair and extra-fine wool.

dettaglio cucitura etichetta kemailù su un capo

Every single production phase is carefully taken care of, thanks to the expert craftsmanship and professionalism of our knitters in our workshops and highly qualified ones in the area.

dettaglio cartellino con logo kemailù

In 2014, the Kemailù project, our line of knitted accessories for women, totally Made in Tuscany, was the next step in our qualitative journey: collections born from the experience and creativity of Federica, designer and creator of the brand, where classic models revisited in a contemporary key coexist with decidedly innovative garments that give life to an easy, comfortable, quality fashion that is always in step with the times.