Ever since we started the business, we have been committed to using only 100% Made in Tuscany, natural and sustainable fibres produced by trusted local wool mills.

Depending on the idea of the garment to be made, we choose the right type of yarn and size.As we specialise in the creation of winter collections, we work mainly with cashmere or wool yarns and blends of these.


    Cashmere is the ideal yarn for the winter season, soft to the touch and warm on the skin. This natural fibre is among the most valuable because its thermoregulating properties keep the body temperature constant, making the yarn suitable even in summer.

  • WOOL

    Wool is a natural textile fibre obtained from the fleece of some sheep such as sheep and goats, but also partly from other animals, such as camelids, the yak and the Tibetan antelope. As a virgin, it has a yellow, amber colouring with variations of ivory, brown or black tints. It is a very soft, elastic and hygroscopic fibre, so it has many characteristics of versatility and its use is manifold. It is also very easily dyed and is often used mixed with other types of fabric to make various types of garments.


    Alpaca wool is a particularly valuable natural fibre known for its extraordinary insulation properties, as well as for its silky touch and extreme lightness, brightness and softness. But what makes this fibre really special is the absence of lanolin, which makes this type of wool hypoallergenic.


    Mohair, besides cashmere, is one of the most valuable natural fibres in terms of wool yarns. However, there is a higher quality type of mohair: kid mohair.
    Kid mohair is a fibre that is slightly thinner than classic mohair because it is taken from kids. This makes for an even shinier and softer yarn, perfect for making garments for outdoor use.