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Elenin - Double-faced cashmere blend scarf

Elenin - Double-faced cashmere blend scarf

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Elenin, handcrafted and totally Made in Italy double-face cashmere blend scarf.

The Elenin cashmere blend scarf is the must-have accessory in the winter wardrobe of those who love classic and elegant style.
The tubular jacquard workmanship with hexagonal design gives a classic and formal tone to the scarf, suitable for both women and men.
You can combine this cashmere blend scarf over coats, jackets or elegant suits for important occasions.
The cashmere blend yarn gives the scarf a unique softness, making it ideal for protecting yourself from the cold in a comfortable and elegant way.

The scarf is available in various colour combinations to suit every taste and need.

Cashmere is the ideal yarn for the winter season, soft to the touch and warm on the skin. This natural fibre is among the most valuable because its thermoregulating properties keep the body temperature constant, making the yarn suitable even in summer.

Composition: 30% cashmere 30%wool 30%viscose 10%polyester

Dimensions: Length cm 170 - Width cm 35

Washing: To maintain the quality of the garment, dry cleaning is recommended. Alternatively, hand wash or machine wash at a maximum temperature of 30° with a delicate programme without spin drying.

100% MADE IN ITALY. Each of our garments is handcrafted in Tuscany, thanks to the care and craftsmanship of the knitters in our workshops. We only use selected Italian yarns to offer quality garments.
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