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Idra - 100% wool square poncho

Idra - 100% wool square poncho

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Idra is the new square poncho in pure wool from the 2024 Collection.
The square shape and cut have made this type of poncho one of the most practical and comfortable to wear on all occasions.
However, the uniqueness of this model, compared to all plain square ponchos, lies in the two-colour twisted yarn which gives this fine melange effect.

Wool is a natural textile fibre obtained from the fleece of certain sheep such as sheep and goats, but also partly from other animals such as camelids, yak and Tibetan antelope. As a virgin, it has a yellow, amber colouring with variations of ivory, brown or black tints. It is a very soft, elastic and hygroscopic fibre, so it has many characteristics of versatility and its use is manifold. It is also very easily dyed and is often used mixed with other types of fabric to make various types of garments.

Composition: 100% wool

Dimensions: Length cm 60 - Width cm 60 (fits size 38 to 48)

Washing: hand washing or machine washing at a maximum temperature of 30° is advisable

100% MADE IN ITALY. Each of our garments is handcrafted in Tuscany, thanks to the care and craftsmanship of the knitters in our workshops. We only use selected Italian yarns to offer quality garments.
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