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Thelma - Double braided muffle in alpaca wool blend

Thelma - Double braided muffle in alpaca wool blend

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The double braided Thelma muffle are made from a coarser alpaca wool yarn, making them comfortable and sporty to wear throughout the winter. Perfect to combine with the Thelma scarf.

Alpaca wool is a particularly fine natural fibre known for its extraordinary insulation properties, as well as for its silky touch and extreme lightness, lustre and softness. But what makes this fibre really special is the absence of lanolin, which makes this type of wool hypoallergenic.

Composition: 60%acrylic, 15%wool, 15%alpaca; 10%viscose

Dimensions: 28 cm length

Washing: Hand washing or machine washing at a maximum temperature of 30° is advisable

100% MADE IN ITALY. Each of our garments is handcrafted in Tuscany, thanks to the care and dexterity of the knitters in our workshops. We only use selected Italian yarns to offer quality garments.
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